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The following indicators provide analysis on student performance here in Henderson compared to the entire Clark County School District.

The Good News

Graduation Rates 2017-2018

Henderson high schools continue to have higher than average graduation rates.

Opportunities for Improvement

Free and Reduced-Price Lunch

Some students may be eligible for free or reduced-price meals depending on family size and income as part of the National School Lunch/Breakfast Program.

13 Henderson elementary schools have greater than 50% of their student population eligible

10 Henderson elementary schools have over 100% of their student population eligible

59% of students at Henderson elementary schools are eligible      67% of CCSD students are eligible

Reading Proficiency

Henderson 4th graders test at an average of 65% in reading proficiency, compared to 49% of all CCSD students.


Henderson schools

test at over 80%.


test  below 50%.

2018 Star Ratings for Henderson Schools

Many of CCSD's most highly rated schools are located in Henderson. However, we still have room for improvement.

Star ratings reflect a classification system created by the Nevada School Performance Framework (NSPF). The NSPF gives each school an index score that is comprised of total points earned across several indicators that corresponds to star ratings, with five stars representing the highest rating. 

English Language Learners

Although Henderson elementary schools have less ELL students than CCSD (7% versus 19%), identifying schools with this challenge  allows for concentrated  resource intervention, thus providing a greater impact from smaller changes.

5 Henderson elementary schools have more than 10% English Language Learners

1 Henderson elementary school has a 19% student population of English Language Learners


State Rankings

According to the Annual Kids Count Publication from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, these rankings represent the State of Nevada in 2018.


for Overall Child Wellbeing


for Education

Nevada ranks

Nevada ranks

School Capacity

Henderson schools experience higher levels of enrollment. Nearly half of all the Henderson elementary schools are at more than 125% student capacity. 

84% of Henderson elementary schools are at more than 100% capacity

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Source: ECONorthwest analysis of Nevada Department of Education assessment data available at nevadareportcard.com.


Source: Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2017 Rankings:



Source: Clark County School District 2018 Elementary School Enrollment Percent of 2018 Program Capacity.