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Community School Planning

High-quality communities cultivate high-quality schools. The City of Henderson is dedicated to providing premier services for all those who choose to live, learn, work and play here. That means we must focus local community development efforts to ensure that schools are planned thoughtfully with our children's safety and maximum potential in mind. We must locate and concentrate libraries, museums, playgrounds, after-school programs, medical services and preschools near young learners. Ensuring safe access to these services for all students will enhance the educational environment our community has continued to make its top priority. If we invest in education as well as current services, we can ensure that Henderson remains strong both now and in the future.

Workforce Synergy

Targeted business development activities, coupled with a strong commitment to workforce development and quality education, contribute to the stability and prosperity of the City. Desirable neighborhoods with amenities and access to high-quality education are features that are critical to supporting Henderson's continued economic development and attraction.

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