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Background Information

Henderson Premier Schools Partnership, the work of the Community Education Advisory Board (CEAB) and this overarching community conversation is seeded in a strong community desire for quality education in Henderson and coupled with a changing legislative landscape.

Community Preferences:


Henderson residents have voiced strong support for quality education in recent years:

  • Regional Priority during Southern Nevada Strong

    • More than 70,000 participants

    • Henderson residents ranked education as their #1 priority

  • Henderson Strong Comprehensive Plan

    • Approximately 26,000 participants

    • Schools and Education ranked among the top-three community priorities in all zip codes by an average of 25% more respondents than any other choice

    • Comments were gathered during the survey:

      • Make education a priority

      • Protect learning environments

      • Seek more local control

State of Nevada: Reorganization of the Clark County School District

In 2015, the State of Nevada passed Assembly Bill 394, which reorganized CCSD into localized precincts with more individualized school autonomy. Henderson wanted to know what role residents thought the City should play to support schools and education and learn more about residents' concerns and priorities, so City staff initiated outreach to residents on AB 394 asking parents and employers their concerns relating to their local schools and education. Staff deployed a variety of engagement tools to collect concerns and key priorities such as:

  • 91% of Henderson residents said that they would like Henderson to explore ways to reorganize CCSD

  • 87% of respondents feel that students need more resources to achieve maximum success


There is an identified need, desire and environment for change in our community.

A Need:

  • Nearly half of Henderson elementary schools are above 125% of capacity.

  • Nevada is ranked 47 out of 50 for overall child well-being according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

  • While student achievement on average is lower in CCSD, many of the most highly rated schools are located within the City of Henderson.

  • The City of Henderson has a higher median household income than the rest of the Valley.

  • Strengthening our educational system helps with economic recruitment efforts for the City.

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